11 Nov 2020
Mundy's Munchkins vs Messina's Marshmallows

In the first game of the afternoon, Mundy's Munchkins faced off against Messina's Marshmallows knowing that a win would take them level at the top of the league. Things didn't start well for the Munchkins, after giving away a free kick midway in their half, Sam F tested out Charlie M in goal. He made a good save however Marcus P was quickest to the rebound and was able to lift into the goal. Both teams battled it out well, Ethan G and Jacob S combining for Munchkins to carve out an opportunity to get level but Sam A in the Marshmallow goal pulled out some great saves throughout the match to keep his team in it. However, he was finally beaten before HT after a swift move by the Munchkin forwards. He was beaten a further two times to make the half-time score 3-1

In the second half, Mundy's team were more fruitful with their attacks, looking to create opportunities with good wing play and darting runs. SA in the Messina goal was pulling out strong saves to keep his team in the match and give them a chance of getting back into the game. However, his efforts were to be in vein as there were no further goals in the match. Overall a very good game by all involved and it means that the winner of Tye's Tiddlywinks vs Mundy's Munchkins will be champions!