04 Nov 2020
Mighty Chondria vs The Taylor 5

The first game of the afternoon was a fierce and enthusiastic one with both teams putting up a good fight for the win. Mimi was one player who had a cracking game with non-stop defending and always getting in front of players to intercept the ball. All the players worked on getting into space and listening to each other whilst remembering to clear space for other teammates. Amelia and Lauren were a fantastic attacking duo, working together to get the ball into the D and scoring many of the goals between them. Phoebe used an unbelievable tactic to secure their teams two goals, with a self-pass off the post! The defending from the girls on both teams was brilliant and they kept on fighting until the end, Esme in particular had a never-ending defensive streak and was everywhere all the time.

A great start back from half term.